10 UX Trends that are changing the face of marketing

Trends in technology are one of the most dynamic processes that anybody can come across. With the fast-growing network and development, the competition among the web design and development companies are touching never-ending heights. So, to the ball in your court, one should stay alert for the entire upcoming trend in the industry. UX trends are turning the apps and website industry upside down. Its impact has given astoundingly amazing transformation to the industry. UX trends assist in making the websites look more catchy and easy to use.

There are many eye-catching UX trends that are in itself is game-changing.


While surfing the internet our foremost idea is to get what we want in the least possible efforts. This paves a way for the need of one-click solution or step by step and simple process to attain the results. All the apps and websites that we see in our daily life, provides instruction at every step.

Also, when there is a need to provide a lot of instruction, it is made visible when the user reaches the specific step. That helps in keeping the user engaged.


Content is the most important aspect of representing apps/websites. The content of any website/app that we stumble on nowadays are precise and point to point.

Reduction of noise and unwanted material to make the content pleasing for the users is a perfect example of content curation, in addition to which the visuals add-on in explain the gist of the content and makes it get rid of being boring for the readers.


To begin with full-screen features, I-Phone X sets a perfect example of for this. After the launch, many users were impressed by the way it looked and subsequently, some of the phones made it to the market with the same feature.

The full-screen feature comes holding hand with HD display of videos and pictures.


Every one of us has our palette of colours, our favourite colours. But a designer uses his palette as a weapon to aim at the users for making the apps and websites look vibrant. It is an important aspect in web designing to choose the right colour for different tasks. For instance, the colour for different notification will be different and vary accordingly. Our chat bubbles can also be a perfect example to choose the variant of colours.


Face ID’s, voice recognition and fingerprint sensors are one of the most common and time-saving features nowadays. Furthermore, we are almost in a habit of using this feature as it makes the usage of mobile phones a bit better and quicker. This is one of the most reliable features when security is concerned.


A study says that a normal human being uses conversational apps on daily basis, therefore designers take it very seriously when come to designing the conversational apps. Not only the messengers but the chatbots and voice assistant are designed very carefully as the language that is to be used as an interface is very sophisticated.


Many of us are not aware of the word, well, augmented reality, commonly known as AR, is a feature that helps in the fusion of the real world into an imaginary one. A year ago augmented reality was a concept that was considered hard to bring to the market. But it is now observed that there are various apps that have accomplished the goal of making a human being experience the augmented reality. It has also been observed that app which provides the feature of augmented reality helps in entertainment and in solving real-life problems.


In recent years, the concept of cashless payment got introduced. This feature took a flight last year and a number of people using the feature are increasing day by day. This feature came into fashion through online transacting apps like Paytm, PhonePe etc. Not only these apps save time also has it provided timely passbooks recorded with all the past transactions made.


This feature is based on the enhancement of interactions with users. As we notice that every webpage we visit and every app we download has accounts linked with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Also, there is a feedback section and email address for any further queries, these are the platforms that explain how certain people and audience reacted to the specific webpage and apps.


These are the features operated through HTML sheets. CSS features include CSS grids, shapes and writing mode. These are applied in the creativity of apps and webpage by many web development companies. CSS features are bringing the game-changing era in markets of web designing companies.

The concept of UX trend is a wider one and predicting them is a harder task. Newer trends and upcoming markets have many experiments to surprise the users. It is important to be updated with all the existing trends and web designers are working on enhancing them. These small ideas came from the great minds. Do you have an eye to predict the upcoming trends? Do let us know!

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